• Yoga Tales

    Class Description
  • Yoga Exploration’s Yoga Tales classes are a child’s first introduction to yoga poses and stretching.   Yoga Tales is designed as an interactive, play-time yoga class with a goal to introduce yoga and stretches to preschoolers using their favorite kid friendly fairy tales. Popular stories that we may read, stretch and play along with are Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast and more! We take each character and their adventure and stretch and pose right along with them through a series of yoga stretches and poses. Class Flow is designed by the ‘Dance to Learn!’® Curriculum with the whole child in mind and has been created around a child’s cognitive, language, social and motor development to form the 5 Methods of Performance Arts™. Each month, the Yoga Exploration Educator chooses stories that follow a monthly theme to keep the classes fun and exciting as part of our ‘Dance to Discover!™ method. For example, our ‘Under the Sea’ theme could have us reading stories such as the Little Mermaid! Each week, the class structure remains the same with classes beginning with reading the story and learning the poses that go along with different characters or scenarios. At the end of class we end with a meditative rest to refocus. Activities include learning stretches and yoga poses with props and toys such as stuffed animals or finger puppets. Children are nurtured by their instructor through a positive “Yes!” environment, and the small class size ensures the personal attention needed at this stage of learning. Yoga Tales classes include participation in the Dance Exploration, LLC ‘Dance to Learn!’® at Home with Me™ Program! 

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  • Class Details

    • Ages:
    • Class Style:
      Kiss and Go
    • Class Length:
      45 Minutes
    • Teacher to Student Ratio:
  • What will my Child Learn?

    Gross and Fine Motor Development
    • Children will learn basic fine motor skills and improved hand strength when they grasp props and toys such as scarves, music shakers and stuffed animals
    • Through balance, stretching and coordination activities, children will strengthen muscles needed for continued gross motor development as well as improve posture
    • Children will improve hand-eye coordination by waving and playing with scarves, parachutes, and other toys and props
    • Children will improve balance and flexibility as well as strengthen their core as they perform different yoga stretches and poses
    Cognitive Development
    • Toddlers will learn how to comprehend the parts of a story and characters and how those stories can be turned into stretches and yoga poses
    • Children will improve their memory as they are asked to stretch to different parts of the story and must remember the plot and characters
    • Students will be able associate animals, objects and actions with certain yoga poses to help them remember those characteristics outside of yoga class
    Social and Emotional Development
    • Students will have opportunities for reflection, patience and insight throughout class reducing impulsivity and reactivity
    • Students improve listening skills as they learn different yoga terms and poses
    • Students sharpen mind/body awareness and connection to improve confidence and self-esteem
    Language Skills
    • Children will learn new yoga and wellness terminology and how to associate that terminology with the correct yoga poses
    • Students will learn how to express their needs, desires and problems to not only their peers, but also their yoga teacher
    • Through reading the stories, children may learn new words and how to associate those words with associated movement
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