• At the start of the 2017-2018 school year, Dance Exploration brainstormed ways to bridge the communication gap between our parents and educators. Since we are primarily a Denver based after school program, we rarely see parents before the parent observation days- if we see them at all. We believe strongly in the power of family engagement and keeping families informed as to what their child is learning without the hassle of sending an email every week or printing documents that student’s just stuff in their backpacks (which end up getting lost anyways). 

    That’s when we created the Dance Savvy Cards


  • Dance Savvy Cards are trademarked cards created by the Dance to Learn® Curriculum as a means to create a positive “Yes” Environment for learners across all of our programs. Dance to Learn® created the cards to be awarded when each classroom displayed D-A-N-C-E-R Behavior. In our Dance Exploration classes D-A-N-C-E-Rs  are Disciplined, have a positive Attitude, are Nice to their peers, are Committed to their learning, Excited to learn new things, and are Respectful to their peers, teacher and schools. When a class displays these behaviors they are each awarded a Dance Savvy Card!  

  • You may be wondering how this helps bridge the communication gap between Dance Exploration Educators and Parents? Well on the back of each card there is a place for the Dance Exploration Educator to write what the child “mastered” that day. It could be anything from behavioral improvements ie: waiting in line, listening to the teacher, sharing etc. More commonly, the Educator writes a dance move that the student learned that day. If the student has been struggling with their arm wave in Hip Hop and they mastered the move in class, this lets the parents know that their child mastered a difficult move by simply writing it on the back of the card. 

  • There are 15 different Dance Savvy Card designs with super cute sayings such as “You’ve Got Sweet Moves!”, “Don’t Stop BeLeaping!”, “I mustache you to never stop dancing!” and more! Each card includes a bright and colorful design that the students are excited to choose from each week. They are encouraged to collect them all! They are so excited to get their cards and take them home, that we’d be amazed if they got lost or left behind too frequently. 

    So the next time your dancer comes home, instead of asking them what they learned in dance class this week, just ask to see their Dance Savvy Card!!! You can even ask them to show you the dance move their teacher wrote on the back of the card. Then you can watch and witness just how much your dancer has learned in their Dance Exploration classes!


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