• The Quest for Pixie Dust

    Summer Theatrical Camp
  • Calling all Theatrical kids ages 4-10 to join Dance Exploration in this telling of a mixed up fairy tale that combines the stories of Peter Pan and Robin Hood together in an over the top adventure! 

    In the play, Captain Hook and Prince John discover that they are secretly brothers living in separate fairy tale worlds. With this news, they collaborate on an evil scheme to capture the Queen Fairy and use her pixie dust to get everything they’ve ever wanted out of life. The heroes of the fairy tale world learn of this evil collaboration and combine forces to save the Queen Fairy.

  • Students participating in the Quest for Pixie Dust summer camp will have the opportunity to learn about theatrical productions and how to produce one themselves! This Summer Camp includes everything from Auditioning for the characters they want to play, memorizing lines and stage directions, creating sets and costumes and putting on a performance! The Quest for Pixie Dust script offers tons of characters. Small roles can easily be doubled to provide young actors with an opportunity to create specific character choices for several characters or they can be divided up to provide many students the opportunity to join in on the fun. View the full list of Characters below!

    Narrator 1
    Narrator 2
    Captain Hook
    Prince John
    Peter Pan
    Robin Hood
    Lost Boy 1
    Lost Boy 2
    Lost Boy 3
    Lost Boy 4
    Lost Boy 5
    Lost Boy 6
    Queen Fairy
    Magic Mirror
    Huntsman from Little Red
    Snow White
    Prince Charming 1
    Prince Charming 2
    Prince Charming 3
    Fairy Godmother


  • Each day camp begins with a team building exercise focused on a skill that all good actors need. Perhaps it’s a focus game like our favorite Pirate Cannon Ball game where kids must pass the cannon ball around the circle. Each time they must shout out a child’s name and roll the cannon ball to that student. The next round, they must remember who they rolled it to the first time. This time the cannon ball makes a splash, so all kids bounce the ball and shout a pirate phrase, “Shiver me Timbers!” as they pass the cannon ball around the circle trying to keep the same pattern! 


  • After the team building exercise, class will move onto acting and improv games. One our favorites would be making faces. One player draws an “expression” card from the deck. They make the face that correlates to that expression. Their partner must copy the face and then guess the correct emotion.

    Next, rehearsals begin. Scene work will be very important as students learn different lines from the script. Memorizing lines will be an important skill and students will be taught techniques to help them remember their lines during rehearsal. Stage directions and blocking will be taught as well. This is where the actors are placed on the stage and how they interact with each other.

    Students who are involved in the full day camp, then enjoy an hour lunch break before returning to the second part of camp, which focuses on the stage hand side of theatrical productions. Students will get to make their own sets, props and costumes out of materials that are easy to transform. As sets and props are created, they will be added into the rehearsals so the cast members can practice with the new additions of the show! 

    On the last day of camp, parents get to watch the full production at the performance! 

  • Camp Details

    • Venue
      Denver Jewish Day School
    • Address
      2450 S Wabash St Denver, CO
    • Ages
    • Dates and Times
      Half Day: 9am-12pm
      Full Day: 9am-4pm
    • Price
      $200 - Half Day
      $360 (Save 10%) - Full Day
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