• Dance Exploration Scholarship Fund!

    Everybody should have the Chance to Dance!
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      Financial Aid Available

      Dance Exploration Offers 30% Financial Aid Discounts to All Families who suffer Financial Hardship

    • Full Scholarships Available

      Dance Exploration may offer Full Scholarships to children who have a Financial Hard Ship or who demonstrate a great passion for their Performance Arts Studies

    • School Scholarships Available

      Businesses who Sponsor a Class help us provide Free Sessions to Local Schools classified as Title One.

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    The Chance to Dance Scholarship Fund
  • Dance Exploration believes that Every Child should have the Chance to Dance regardless of race, social status, gender, or ability! Dance is for everyone and every body! We offer Financial Aid to any family who suffers from Financial Hardship. Financial Aid Discounts provide a 30% discount to families who qualify. 

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    Full Scholarsips

    Dance Exploration has limited full tuition scholarships available. Scholarships are possible thanks to the kind donations of individuals in our community! Scholarships cover tuition for one full dance session for the dancer. Dancers must either have a tremendous financial hardship or showcase a strong desire to pursue the performance arts but have a hardship presenting them from pursuing that dream. To qualify for a full scholarship, we do require a short video cover letter from the student applying, explaining why they would like to be considered for a scholarship and how the scholarship could help their family. 

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    School Sponsorships

    Dance Exploration has limited School Sponsorship opportunities available.  Schools may apply for a free 6 week Performance Arts Session if they are considered a Title One School or a school with a high percentage of families who utilize state tuition programs. These Sponsorships are made possible by local Business Sponsors who have donated to our “Chance to Dance Scholarship Fund” on the Business Sponsorship level. Students who are participating in a sponsored class, receive a custom “Chance to Dance” T-Shirt with the Business Logo of the local business who has sponsored them. 

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