• Recreational Dance Program

    Class Description
  • The Dance Exploration, LLC Recreational Dance Program offers non-competitive dance and cheer classes to children from ages 18 months to 10. The goal of this program is to introduce first time dancers to the world of Ballet, Hip Hop and Cheerleading in a relaxed and positive environment that garnishes a love of dance in each child. Classes are open to the public at all facilities. The Dance Exploration Recreational Dance Program follows the ‘Dance to Learn!’® Curriculum and Methods. ‘Dance to Learn!’® is a whole child approach to dance education. Our 5 Methods of Dance™ are designed to teach the whole child at all stages of their development. ‘Dance to Learn!’® classes build critical and creative thinking skills, enhance creative expression and introduce social-emotional skills such as patience, waiting turns and sharing. ‘Dance to Learn!’® Program goals and outcomes align with the State and National Standards of Dance Education. Each Dance Exploration, LLC Educator is trained and certified in the Dance to Learn!’® Curriculum and teaching Method. 

    Classes are structured for success! The ‘Dance to Learn!’® Class Flow is choreographed to follow the natural progressions of a child’s movement and learning abilities to ensure mastery of class objectives and movement studies. ‘Dance to Learn!’® classes brighten a child’s day by waking the brain and body up with lively, and educational dance based movement games and activities. Class is led by a passionate and Certified ‘Dance to Learn!’® Educator who cares about nurturing the success of each student at every turn.

    The learning does not stop in the classroom. The ‘Dance to Learn!’® at Home with Me™ Program is included in all classes. It stresses the important role parents and care givers play in the academic success of their children. 

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  • Recreational Dance Program Details

    • Program Ages:
      18 months - 10
    • Class Length:
      30-60 Minutes
    • Student to Teacher Ratio:
  • Recreational Dance Program Locations

    • Castle Rock Community Recreation Center
      Castle Rock, CO
      • Toddler Program
        Ages 18 months - 3
      • Recreation Program
        Ages 6-10
      • Preschool Program
        Ages 3-5
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    • Widefield Parks and Recreation
      Colorado Springs, CO
      • Recreation Program
        Ages 6-10
      • Preschool Program
        Ages 3-5
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