This week in Dance Exploration Preschool Classes we are celebrating Recipe Dance Week! Each year in November we dedicate a week to dancing out our favorite recipes for Thanksgiving feasts. This year we focused on our favorite Pie that has us saying “Pie Love You!” and that’s Pumpkin Pie!

In this blog post about 10 Benefits of Cooking with Kids, we shared with you the developmentally beneficial reasons you should invite your kids into the kitchen as much as possible. Benefit #3 was Sequencing:

“3. Sequencing

A Recipe is a process of sequencing. If you miss a step, everything else could go wrong… think of what may happen if you forget to put the sugar in your pie! If you take your food off the stove too soon or leave it in the oven too long that could spell disaster!

To Try: Read your recipe with your little one and write out each step. Sometimes writing out the sequence can help you to remember it and understand it better!”

You can turn your recipe into a movement game through a process calledenchaînement. In Ballet enchaînement is the process of linking multiple steps together creating a sequence or pattern of steps. This is the basic introduction to choreography which is the process of linking multiple steps together via several phrases of music to create a full length dance.

Here’s a fun game we’ve been playing this week for Recipe Week! We are taking the general sequence of baking a pumpkin pie and turning it into a dance sequence. You will need some items to help you create the visual cues for your kiddo to remember what happens next. We’ve linked over to some items we’ve used to create our Pumpkin Pie obstacle course.

First we placed neutral colored mats on the floor. This was the dough we used to make the crust. We patted down the crust by marching down the mat pathway.

Next we picked up a large pumpkin die cut and performed our Pumpkin Pliés making sure our pumpkin filling got down into the crust.

For the next step we put down a hula hoop to represent the oven. The dancer had to had to put the pie in the oven and set the timer. We decided 5 minutes would be a good amount of time to cook our pie. So we performed 5 jumps. When the pie was ready we performed an arabesque and yelled “ding!”

In the last hula hoop we placed a slice of pie similar to this one.First we performed a rond de jambe (circle of the leg) to cut out a slice of pie. Then we jumped over the pie with a gallop jump and performed a rond de jambe with the other leg. After we cut ourselves a slice, we were able to pick it up and we pretended to eat it by making “nom nom” sounds and performing a bourrée turn.

When your tiny dancer is done performing this fun Pumpkin Pie dance game, invite them to the kitchen to help you make your Pumpkin Pie! Ask them to repeat back to you the sequence they followed to make their pumpkin pie in the obstacle course, this way you don’t miss a step!

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