• That's Preposterous at Yale Elementary
    October 23, 2019 - December 11, 2019
    4:15 pm - 5:15 pm


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Broadway Exploration – That’s Preposterous! at Yale Elementary
Dates: 10/23/2019-12/11/2019
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11/25/2019, 11/27/2019
Times: Mondays & Wednesdays, 4:15-5:15pm
Broadway Exploration’s “That’s Preposterous” classes, is the study in comedic improv and acting. Students will have fun learning how to improvise and create amusing and silly characters, story plots and scene settings. With the help of a little black hat, students will each draw names, words and phrases out of a hat to help them compile a storyline for the basis of a script. Stories and characters will be ridiculous and unbelievable and will have everyone yelling “That’s Preposterous!” at the end of each day. Inspired by Dance Exploration’s 5 Methods of Learning, Broadway Exploration also follows 5 methods of learning: Discovery, Creation, Expression, Acceptance, and Movement. Each class begins with Discovery. In this part of class students Discover the different elements of comedic acting and improv. Discovery includes understanding the different comedic techniques and applying them with fun games such as charades. The Creation Method of Education involves, with the help of the Broadway Exploration Educator, creating and writing a script using the phrases and words pulled out of the hat. This will include creating a story map that tells a complete story no matter how preposterous it is. This will be a collaborative effort between Educator and student. To implement the Expression Method, each child is given an opportunity to place their stamp on the play as class is conducted in a “round table” style so each child can express their ideas and thoughts. The Broadway Exploration Educator will ensure each child’s creative signature is featured throughout the production. Once the structure of the play has been created, children are now put to the test as they must audition for their roles in the production. Like a professional Broadway Play, there are no small parts! Everyone is important and an integral part to the production! In larger classes there may be two casts that have the opportunity. Some classes may even have understudy casts that may have a chance to fill in when other children are absent. Learning to Audition and accept the roles received is an important lesson in Acceptance, another method of education in the Broadway Exploration classes offered by Dance Exploration. After the Preposterous Play has been written and cast the real fun begins as children learn the rehearsal process. This is where the Movement Method is incorporated. Actors and Actresses may be asked to move around and through space. Learning important stage directions will be imperative. Some plays may even incorporate a simple dance routine! At this stage, classes will include a craft making portion so students can experience making simple sets and costumes. All the hard work of student and Educator is shared at the final class when students put on their performance for friends and family!
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You are invited to join us for an end of Session Graduation Celebration and Showcase on 12/11/2019 at 4:15pm!
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