• Cheerleading @ Home!
    September 11, 2020 - December 18, 2020
    5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


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Exploration Kids! @Home
Cheerleading at @ Home
Dates: 9/11-12/18/2020
**No Class** Dates: 11/27
Times: Fridays 5:00-6:00pm
Ages: 6-12
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Exploration Kids! Enrichment’s Cheerleading program is a progressive exploration of chanting, stunting, dance and movement as seen on the side lines of major sports teams. Our Cheerleading program has been designed around childhood development and the stages of each student’s schooling. Our unique ‘S-P-I-R-I-T’ Curriculum, includes our Pillars of Childhood Development to form our Methods of Education™ all focused on teaching our students cheer principles as a tool to help them succeed in other areas of learning. The most important concept in our cheerleading class will be working as a team! Dancers will learn how to move in unison and create fun formations and pictures as a unit. Students will be taught the importance of working together towards a common goal and how to overcome differences. This ability to accept the unique talents of each individual dancer is part of the ‘Acceptance Pillar!’™. Students will learn to work together to produce group cheers, chants and routines that demonstrate the class dynamics. This creative process relates directly to the ‘Creation Pillar!’ and Expression Pillars of Education. Cheers/Poms will teach the fundamentals of cheerleading, combined with dancing with pom poms to create fun visual shapes for the audience. Class begins with stretches and warm ups including the basic arm positions of cheerleading and easy cheers and chants as heard on the sidelines. Exploration Kids! Enrichment believes in the importance of teaching dance terminology in each class. Dance and cheer have it’s own language and it’s important that students understand the language to perform the moves well. Each week, your Cheer Instructor will pick a new dance or cheer term to study as part of the class theme. This is designed to not only keep students learning new dance and concepts, but also to keep class new and exciting every single time! Utilizing themes is a part of the ‘Discovery!’™ Pillar to ensure new concepts are explored each week. Cheerleading classes also include the Family Engagement Program to keep parents informed about what their children are learning in class! 

**You’re Invited!**
You are invited to join us for an end of Session Graduation Celebration and Showcase on 12/18/2020 at 5:00-6:00pm!


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