• Broadway Dance - High School Musical! at Rick's Center for Gifted Children (Winter 2020)
    March 12, 2020 - May 14, 2020
    3:30 pm - 5:00 pm


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Broadway Dance: High School Musical! at Rick’s Center for Gifted Children
Dates: 3/12/2020-5/14/2020
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Times: Thursdays 3:30-5pm
Dance Exploration, LLC’s Broadway Dance class explores the lights, sounds and dancing as seen on the streets of Broadway in New York! If you Gotta Sing or Gotta Dance, this class is for you! Dance Exploration creates a unique educational and exploratory look into the multiple performing arts genres that encompass Musical Theater. Through our Dance to Learn!’® Curriculum and the 5 Methods of Dance™ students will receive a hands on experience through creative exploration and teacher guided activities to learn how song, acting and dance can be combined into one art form. Dance Exploration will use the Dance to Discover!’™ Method, to keep the learning of each individual art form and the individual techniques there-in as interesting as possible. Teacher guided games, activities and team or class exercises will change frequently to keep class exciting and ensure children are learning as much as possible. Each class will revolve around a general theme or idea based on the musical theater industry and will result in vocabulary, terminology and technical execution exercises. Dance and movement will be an integral aspect of the Broadway Dance Classes. Following Dance Exploration’s ‘Dance to Move!’™ Method The class begins with warming up the muscles of the body and the voice! A combination of singing and stretching exercises as well as simple cardio, will ensure that all of the student’s muscles are ready for class. Students then move on to characterization and plot study. During this portion of class, students use storyboards, obstacle courses, costumes and other props to enhance the learning. Class ends with students working on choreographed numbers from their Musical Study as well as scene work. Dancers work in groups with their peers to further develop their ability to work in a team. Teams or groups will often be asked to work together to create a scene or dance routine. This requires patience, listening, constructive feedback, and problem solving. These qualities are all integral parts to peer relations and social development and are included as Dance Exploration’s ‘Dance to Accept!’™ Method. Teachers follow a “Yes!” Environment where the children feel comfortable and safe working with both their instructor and their peers. Educators also encourage children to make the right choices and nurture their self expression. As part of the ‘Dance to Express!’™ Method, Broadway Dance classes include student written and produced choreography, songs and scenes. Broadway Dance classes include the Dance Exploration, LLC Family Engagement Program designed for students to continue their class study at home with fun games and activities the whole family can enjoy!
**You’re Invited!**
You are invited to join us for an end of Session Graduation Celebration and Showcase on 5/14/2020 at 3:30pm!
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Ricks Center is a place for children who have strong convictions, who are more intense, more curious and more innovative than their peers. Ricks Center is a place for children who are deeply sensitive, funny, intelligent, passionate and more.

Did you know…effective before and after school programs bring a wide range of benefits to children, families and communities. For example, before and afterschool programs can boost academic performance, reduce risky behaviors, promote physical health, and provide a safe, structured environment for the children of working parents.

Attending before or after school programs can improve students’ academic performance
Effective before and after school programs can improve classroom behavior and school attendance and academic aspirations.
Before and after school programs can play an important role in encouraging physical activity and good dietary habits. Participation in before and after school programs has been associated with positive health outcomes, including reduced obesity.
Working families and businesses also derive benefits from after school programs that ensure that youth have a safe place to go while parents are at work. Parents concerned about their children’s after school care miss an average of eight days of work per year, and this decreased worker productivity costs businesses up to $300 billion annually (Brandeis University, Community, Families and Work Program, 2004 and Catalyst & Brandeis University, 2006).
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Spark Clubs will encompass all grades with Spark Jr. for our Preschool – Kindergarten students, Spark Intermediate for our 1st – 4th graders, and Spark Advanced for our 5th – 8th graders. All clubs will be taught by Ricks staff or student workers.

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