• Ballet @ Home!
    September 08, 2020 - December 15, 2020
    5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


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Exploration Kids! @Home
Ballet at @ Home


Dates: 9/8-12/15/2020
**No Class** Dates: 11/24
Times: Tuesday 5:00-6:00pm
Ages: 6-12
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Exploration Kids! Enrichment’s Ballet Class is built on the ‘Dance to Learn!’®Curriculum and is designed to teach the whole child through the 5 Pillars of Education which have been formed based on the stages of childhood development. In Ballet, students are challenged to focus on Ballet Terminology and proper technical execution of steps. Ballet history, terminology and famous dancers and choreographers will be studied each week as the Discovery method which fosters our students’ Cognitive Development. Changing the weekly discovery of class, keeps class interesting and ensures a well rounded education of all facets that compose the Ballet technique. After the weekly class discovery, the class moves onto gentle warm ups, stretches, coordination and strength exercises commonly performed at a ballet “barre”. Attention to proper execution of exercises and technique is critical when performing Barre exercises and therefore are often performed in repetition. Nest, the dancers will move across the floor performing single movements and linking movements together forming combinations of movements and skills. All skills are taught chronologically in a progressive series to ensure mastery and prevent injury. The progressive class structure of warms ups, barre and traveling across the floor is part of Exploration Kids! Enrichment’s ‘Movement Pillar!’. Exercises are performed individually and with partners. Children’s artistic freedom and self expression are encouraged by their teachers by creating a positive “Yes” environment! Along with ballet movements, children learn about classical music! The basics of musicality such as how to count music, phrasing, and tempo are all a part of dance and these basic skills are taught in Pre-Ballet. Musicality and phrasing is further studied in Ballet as students are challenged to choreograph a short movement to an instrumental musical score by the end of their session. This challenge of creating original choreography and expression through free dance and artistry is included as part of the Creation Pillar. To ensure each student provides input in the dance, they will each receive a dedicated piece of the routine to create their work. This opportunity for self-expression correlates with the Expression Pillar!. Combined with student-based choreography, the Dance Educator ensures all Ballet students are taught choreography to enhance memorization, spatial awareness, and self worth! Routines are based on the child’s ability and talent and designed to encourage artistic and technical growth. To encourage continued study and exploration of Ballet at home, the Ballet classes include weekly emailed updates and at-home activity suggestions as part of Exploration Kids! Enrichment’s Family Engagement Program!


**You’re Invited!**
You are invited to join us for an end of Session Graduation Celebration and Showcase on 12/15/2020 at 5:00-6:00pm!


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