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  • The Cheer Exploration Elementary Program is a valuable addition to any public or private elementary school location. Cheer Exploration Elementary Classes follow the ‘Dance to Learn!’® Curriculum 5 Methods of Performance Arts. These 5 Methods are designed to teach the whole child at all stages of their development. Dance Exploration Elementary Program classes build critical and creative thinking skills, enhance creative expression and introduce social-emotional skills such as patience, waiting turns and sharing.  The Cheer Exploration Program for Elementary Schools include an AcceptDANCE™ Policy which encourages healthy relationships among participants. The Cheer Exploration Elementary Program goals and outcomes align with state and national standards for Dance Education as well as align with Common Core Standards for Grades 1-5.

    Classes are structured for success! Cheer Exploration Classes follow a progressive class flow choreographed to follow the natural progressions of a child’s movement and learning abilities to ensure mastery of class objectives and movement studies. Cheer Exploration classes brighten a child’s school day by waking the brain and body up with lively, and educational dance based movement games and activities. Class is led by a passionate Cheer Educator Certified in the ‘Dance to Learn!’® Curriculum who cares about nurturing the success of each student at every turn.

    The learning does not stop in the classroom. The ‘Dance to Learn!’® Family Engagement™ is included in all classes. It stresses the important role parents and caregivers play in the academic success of their children.  

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  • Elementary Program Details

    • Program Ages:
    • Class Length:
      60-90 Minutes
    • Teacher to Student Ratio:
  • Elementary Program Objectives

    Objective 1: Gross Motor Development
    • Students at the end of the Session should be able to perform beginning to intermediate dance moves for mastery. As well as understand the terminology and meaning of each dance move.
    • Students should be able to grasp objects such as pom poms, ribbon sticks and batons and learn how to manipulate those objects to improve fine motor skills and hand-eye-coordiantion
    • Students will learn simple mechanics of partnered stunts and safety tactics to perform stunts safely and correctly.
    Objective 2: Teamwork
    • Students in the Cheer Exploration program will learn the simple structure of a poms or cheer squad and their different roles.Students will learn about team work and partner work as it pertains to moving in formations, performing stunts, chanting as a group and completing a routine in unison
    • Students will recognize the importance of a Team Captain and how that role pertains to the rest of the group
    Objective 3: Memorization
    • Students in the Elementary Cheer Exploration Program will improve their memory and and ability to memorize cheers and chants using simple techniques such as the “say and repeat”.
    • The Cheer Exploration program will enhance focus, concentration, comprehension and memory.
    • Students will remember cheer routines and combinations through repetition, practice and rehearsal.
    Objective 4: Cognitive Development
    • Students will learn a new cheer term or concept each week. They will write the word, read the word in a sentence and discuss how that word relates to their Cheer studies
    • Students will learn different patterns, rhythms and formations which will help with numeric and math principles.
    • Students will learn how to problem solve and determine creative solutions as they work in a team to create their own cheer routine and chant.
    Objective 5: Emotional Development
    • Cheer Exploration classes improve a child’s emotional development by improving self-confidence and self-control of emotions and feelings.
    • Students should display an increase in determination, focus, motivation, and memorization throughout the session.
    • Students will learn how to set goals and should show an increased desire to accomplish their goals.
    Objective 6: Social Development
    • Cheer Exploration classes the value of team work and working in a Cheer Squad with Team Captains and Squad Leaders.
    • Students will learn value lessons on sharing, waiting turns and working with their peers.
    • As teamwork is common, students should display tolerance for their peers and be able to clearly communicate how each classmate brings a unique flair and talent to the group.
    Objective 7: Creative Development
    • Students in the Cheer Exploration program will be challenged to create their own sideline chant and dance routine that correlates with their school mascot.
    • Students have the opportunity to apply choreographic principles learned throughout the session as they choreograph 8-16 counts of their cheer or pom routine which will be performed for friends and family at the final class
    Objective 8: Knowledge Retention
    • Parents who are involved in the Dance Exploration ‘Dance to Learn!’® at Home with Me™ Program should see a difference in their child develop and grow with the suggested at home ‘Dance to Learn!’® Activities. This program helps students in our Cheer Exploration program develop the ability to tie-in the concepts learned to daily life in and out of the classroom.
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