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    Lead Dance Educators 2019/2020 | Denver, CO
  • Organization: Exploration Kids! Enrichment

    Position: Dance Exploration Program: Lead Educator (Part Time)

    Location: Denver, CO 






    ORGANIZATION BACKGROUND: Exploration Kids! Enrichment is one of Colorado’s premier before, during and after-school providers. Exploration Kids! Enrichment Programs includes 4 Primary Performing Arts Programs: Dance Exploration, Yoga Exploration, Cheer Exploration and Broadway Exploration; our comprehensive school-based programs combine performing arts, enrichment, academics, and health and fitness activities to help build the knowledge and skills children need to succeed, both in school and in life. Founded by Jessica Strong in 2008,  Exploration Kids! Enrichment has continued to advocate for quality after-school in Colorado by expanding to Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs. 


    A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY: Exploration Kids! Enrichment is currently seeking passionate and talented Lead Dance Educators for multiple sites in Denver, CO.  The Lead Dance Educator will report to each individual Site Manager. The Lead Dance Educator will implement the established curriculum and will lead, guide and instruct a classroom full of students in the respective dance genre. Dance Exploration Programs teach beginning to intermediate level dance classes in multiple genres (inc ballet, hip hop, broadway dance, viral dance and more) to multiple children of various ages, abilities and backgrounds. Typical hours are Mon-Fri between 9am-12pm, and 3:00-6:00pm during the school year, and the potential for shifts during the summer. The compensation for this position is $35-$60 per Class depending on enrollment or contract type. 


    CONTRACTS AVAILABLE: Exploration Kids! Enrichment provides three different contracts: 

    PER SESSION: A per session contract offers the Lead Dance Educator a 6-12 week Contract. Pay for this contract is at the end of a session in a lump sum payment on a NET30 pay schedule. 

    PER MONTH:  A per month contract offers the Lead Dance Educator a 4-6 Month Contract. Pay for this contract is on a rolling calendar schedule with a lump sum payment following a NET30 pay schedule for the previous month of service. 

    BI MONTHLY: A Bi-Monthly contract offers the Lead Dance Educator a multi-week session that pays on a bi-monthly schedule on the 1st and 15th of each month. 

    **PLEASE NOTE** Each site requires a different contract. The Lead Dance Educator may sign multiple contracts with different pay schedules. 




    • Lead, implement, and instruct the Dance to Learn® curriculum as it pertains to each individual dance genre
    • Teach students of multiple ages, abilities and backgrounds 
    • Model and promote the mission, values, and business philosophies of Exploration Kids! Enrichment through appropriate appearance, words, and actions  
    • Provide feedback on curriculum enhancements and modifications to best meet the needs of the students and school. 



    • Provide direct supervision to students 
    • Teaching responsibilities require your presence on site 15 minutes prior to class start to set up the classroom and prepare for student check in. Your presence is also required up to 15 minutes after class end for student dismissal and pick up. 
    • Lead classes following the “Yes” Environment Procedures set forth by Exploration Kids! Enrichment 
    • Follow student check in and out procedures
    • Maintain a Classroom Management routine that follows the D•A•N•C•E•S principles
    • Ensure the school rules and policies are reflected in daily practice   
    • Attend instructor trainings/meetings as required  



    • Work in conjunction with the Site Manager to ensure that program activities are exciting and relevant to youth, as well as organized and well-thought-out  
    • Maintain professional and positive relationships with school staff, partners, students, and parents  
    • Create and manage a caring, supportive, purposeful, and stimulating environment 
    • Maintain and forward required data, including attendance, pre/post assessments, and timesheets. 



    • Take attendance regularly at the start of every class  
    • Maintain accurate attendance data and reports  
    • Submit required data on time and accurately  



    The Lead Dance Educator should embody Exploration Kids! Enrichment’s business philosophy that every child should have access to the performing arts regardless of their age, gender, race or ability. The Lead Dance Educator will have a passion for teaching recreational, non-competitive dance classes. The successful candidate will have a familiarity with and passion for working with underserved and at-risk youth


    Additionally, the ideal candidate will have the following: 

    • A high school diploma/GED 
    • Previous experience working with children in any of the following age brackets: Preschool, Elementary or Middle School
    • Previous dance experience whether educational, performance or recreational
    • Ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively with school district staff, program staff, parents, and community leaders 
    • Familiarity with work force development concepts and the ability to model the skills and behaviors necessary to be successful in a professional environment.   
    • Familiarity and experience with diverse populations and culture competencies strongly desired  
    • Familiarity working with multiple ages and abilities at one time



    • Must be 18 years of age or older
    • Must have a reliable vehicle
    • Must have a cell phone
    • Must have internet access and a computer
    • Must submit a background check
    • Must be CPR/First Aid Certified within first 90 days
    • Must carry General Liability Insurance



    Please complete our Application Below. We cannot accept resumes or cover letters without a completed application. Please allow yourself at least 45 minutes to complete the application. 

    Application | Lead Dance Educators 2020/2021 School Year | Denver, CO

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    **PLEASE NOTE** We do not return phone calls based on job questions or submitted applications. All questions should be sent to talent@dancexploration.co