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    Hello and Welcome! My name is Jessica Clayton and I am the director and owner at Dance Exploration. I am so excited that you are considering Dance Exploration for your career as a dance educator. Dance Exploration is a mobile in school dance program which means our Educators travel to multiple sites to teach dance, theatre and performance arts classes. Dance Exploration is an established program that has served local Denver schools since 2008 making us the premiere enrichment program and the most trusted among schools. I love bringing dance and performance arts to my students.

    While this career is incredibly fulfilling I’d like to share with you what Dance Exploration is not.

    1. Dance Exploration is not a job that will give you 40 hours a week. In fact most of our instructors will only work 3-15 hours and that’s dependent entirely on their availability.
    2. Dance Exploration will not make you a millionaire nor is it a get rich opportunity. It will give you a stable, supplemental income that compliments other part-time work.
    3. Dance Exploration is not a gateway job. Our instructors are dedicated and passionate about bringing dance and performance arts to kids in their schools. Our instructors commit to teaching for a full school year.

      Now that you know what Dance Exploration will not do, let me share with you what we are all about. I am passionate about instilling a love of dance into my youngest dancers. I am also passionate about creating and training the most knowledgeable dance instructors. That’s why I created the Dance to Learn®️ Curriculum and Dance to Learn®️ University. Dance Exploration Educators receive training in the Dance to Learn®️ University and a Dance Teacher Certification in the styles that they teach. Dance Exploration pays for 100% or this was training for all teachers who commit to teaching exclusively with us for one year. Our sought after certifications and Dance Educator Training courses are sold to teachers across the nation and the world. We pay you to receive the this training!

      I tell each teacher that comes through our program that anyone can call themselves a dance teacher. But it takes a truly extraordinary, loving and passionate individual to teach dance and performance arts to underprivileged children who otherwise would not have the opportunity to experience it. If you’re ready to catapult your teaching career and make a difference in as many children’s lives as possible through dance and the performing arts, I hope you apply with us today!

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