• Lights, Camera, Action!

    Class Description
  • Broadway Exploration’s “Lights, Camera, Action!” classes take kids behind the camera and behind the scenes of movie production.  Make me a movie star! Students will have fun learning how to act behind the camera to portray a character while following a movie script. Each child will have a chance to portray a character in the movie and when they aren’t busy acting for the camera, they will be given a behind the scenes job such as holding cue cards, lights or even guiding the camera. Inspired by Dance Exploration’s 5 Methods of Learning, Broadway Exploration also follows 5 methods of learning: Discovery, Creation, Expression, Acceptance, and Movement. Each class begins with Discovery. In this part of class students Discover the different elements of film making. Discovery includes understanding the different aspects of film making from screenwriting, auditioning, casting, acting, shooting, sound recording and editing. The Creation Method of Education involves, with the help of the Broadway Exploration Educator, creating or writing a script. This will include creating a story map that tells a complete story along with characterization. This will be a collaborative effort between Educator and student. To implement the Expression Method, each child is given an opportunity to place their stamp on the movie as class is conducted in a “round table” style so each child can express their ideas and thoughts. The Broadway Exploration Educator will ensure each child’s creative signature is featured throughout the production. Once the structure of the play has been created, children are now put to the test as they must audition for their roles in the production. Like a professional Movie Set, there are no small parts! Everyone is important and an integral part to the production! In larger classes there may be two casts that have the opportunity. Some classes may even have understudy casts that may have a chance to fill in when other children are absent. Learning to Audition and accept the roles received is an important lesson in Acceptance, another method of education in the Broadway Exploration classes offered by Dance Exploration. After the Movie has been written and cast the real fun begins as children learn the movie making process. This is where the Movement Method is incorporated. Actors and Actresses may be asked to move around and through space. Learning important stage directions will be imperative. Some movies may even incorporate a simple dance routine! At this stage, classes will include a craft making portion so students can experience making simple sets and costumes. The Broadway Exploration Educator will edit the movie so it is ready to perform for family and friends at the final class of the session where we get to grab our popcorn, relax and be entertained! 

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  • Class Details

    • Grades:
    • Class Style:
      Student/Teacher Collaboration
    • Class Length:
      60 Minutes
    • Student to Teacher Ratio:
  • What will my Child Learn?

    Gross and Fine Motor Development
    • Students will learn basic stage directions including upstage, downstage, stage right and stage left and how to move throughout the space.
    • Students will learn how to move their bodies to perform a certain character or role through improv and acting exercises.
    • Students will learn how to remember stage blocking including movements and gestures that incorporate both fine and gross motor skills.
    Cognitive Development
    • Students will learn the five essential elements of a story including the characters, setting, plot, conflict and resolution
    • Students will learn the elements and techniques behind film acting.
    • Students will learn different terminology used in cinematography.
    • Students will understand the different roles required to produce a movie and the different view points of each role.
    Social and Emotional Development
    • Children will learn to interact with other children as they work together to write a script using random words and phrases.
    • Students learn how to wait patiently, take turns and work cooperatively in a group
    • Students will be able to express themselves and ideas through different character choices and roles.
    • Students will learn how to listen, take direction and follow instructions from a teacher or director.
    • Students learn how to audition for roles and how to accept the roles they are cast in.
    Language Skills
    • Each week students will learn about a new concept in cinematography.
    • Students will learn how to express their needs, desires and problems to their director and their peers.
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