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    We are so excited that you are considering Dance Exploration Performance Arts Classes for your Summer Program. Before scheduling your Two Hour trial please be aware of the following: 


    1. The trial classes are only scheduled for two hours. Our teacher’s times are valuable to us and they are volunteering their time to visit your school. Therefore we do ask that your staff assists us in ensuring that the scheduled trial time does not exceed two hours. If it does, we do charge $60/hour to the school for our teacher’s time. Thank you in your cooperation. Our staff is trained to successfully teach a trial class in this time in order to adhere to this two hour allotment and we are proud that we have met this requirement at all of our schools that we have taught a trial class in the past ten years. 
    2. After your trial, our instructor will take a minute to discuss the classes available to your school. Please be sure you schedule up to 30 minutes after the trial to sit down with our teacher so they may answer any questions you may have regarding our classes and programs. We try to make these visits with you as quick as possible as we know you are busy and we appreciate you making the time with us. 
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    At your Trial Dance Exploration will visit each classroom for 20-30 minutes to ensure all age groups are visited. Dance Exploration alots for a two hour visit total in your trial. If your trial exceeds 2 hours, Dance Exploration does charge $60/hour after two hours. *