• Each month in the Dance Exploration Preschool Program, we explore a new theme to keep classes exciting for our students. In the month of May, our Theme is ‘May I Dance in the Garden?’ This theme explores all aspects of a garden; flowers and how they grow, insects and how they eat, and garden animals and how they thrive in that environment! Each week within the theme, we explore a new dance concept. In the Dance to Learn® Curriculum students will have learned 14 different dance concepts by the end of the year. This week we happened to explore the concept of Tempo!

  • Dance Exploration Creative Dance classes begin with an introducing of the dance concept. This week we introduced 4 visual aids. The first is a cute and cuddly caterpillar. We discuss how fast the caterpillar moves. SLOW! The Creative Dance kids say! In Tempo, slow is called Adagio! The next visual aid is of a snoring and sleepy snail. How fast does a snail go? SLOW! Let’s repeat our Slow Tempo word – Adagio! The next visual aid is a hippity hoppity frog! How fast does the frog go? This one is trickier for the students. The frog moves at a more moderate pace. In Tempo, moderate is called Andantino. The last visual aid is of a flitter flutter by butterfly! How fast does the butterfly move? FAST! The Creative Dance kids say! In tempo, fast is called Allegro! 

  • Now that we’ve learned some insects and animals that we may find in our garden, how can we combine their characteristics with the dance concept: Tempo?

    Dance Exploration’s Creative Dance Classes focus on teaching in a play-based environment. Therefore our Dance Educators utilize a lot of props. Our goal is to have our dancers feel like they are the caterpillars, snails, frogs and butterflies in the garden; so we build their own garden right in dance class! 

    An extra long caterpillar toy helps us crawl slow (adagio) like a caterpillar. 

    A row of sleep snails helps us tip toe walk slowly (adagio) so we don’t wake them up. 

    Some lily pads allow us to yell ribbit as we practice moderately paced (andantino) frog jumps. 

    Lastly a flower allows us to flitter and flutter quickly (allegro) as we land on the flower and take a sip (performing an arabesque). 

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