• Our Teaching Method

    5 Methods of Arts Exploration™
  • Dance Exploration, LLC has served as Denver’s Premiere in-school Dance Enrichment program serving schools around the southern Denver-Metro area since 2009! Ten years later, we have expanded our programs and offerings through our Exploration Kids! Enrichment Programs! Exploration Kids Enrichment includes Dance Exploration, Cheer Exploration, Broadway Exploration and Yoga Exploration! With the expansion of our service offerings, we can now provide our schools with an all-inclusive Performing Arts Program through one reliable company! Exploration Kids! Enrichment Programs allows parents and schools the convenience of registering through one company for all of their before and after school care needs – thereby relieving stress, lowering costs and reducing confusion! 

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  • About Us

    Dance Exploration Hallmarks of Service

    Creating the Leaders of tomorrow through Performance Arts Education

    At Exploration Kids! Enrichment, we believe that performance arts are not merely a fun and recreational outlet for self expression. The performance arts are also a very important tool in the development and growth of children. At Exploration Kids! Enrichment we strive to teach more than just great recreational classes! Our goal is to teach children concepts and themes, creative problem solving skills, teamwork and leadership, and an increased sense of self-expression and confidence. We do this through our Exploration Kids! Curriculum along with our 5 Methods of Arts Exploration™. These methods have been designed to teach the whole child from preschool to elementary school to ensure our students’ continued success in school and in life.

    Performance Arts in Every School
    Dance Exploration’s ultimate goal is to collaborate with all early childhood education centers, schools, community and recreation centers. We look to train and educate childhood educators on ‘Dance to Learn!’® Curriculum principles and the 5 Methods of Performance Arts™ to ensure that performing arts can be used as a tool for teaching and educating more children. Through the Dance to Learn® University Program and selling our Curriculum models to educational institutions and dance studios, we can ensure that the ‘Dance to Learn!’® Curriculum can reach kids nation wide!

    Every Child should have the Chance to Dance!
    At Dance Exploration we believe that every child should be given an opportunity to experience dance and performance arts regardless of social status, gender, race, or ability! We make our classes available to everyone through financial aid services, scholarships and payment plans. In 2013 we started our ‘Dance to Learn!’® in Title 1 Schools initiative designed to raise money for Title 1 schools in Colorado that needed financial assistance in funding our programs.

  • Program Goals and Strategies

  • Building Bright Futures

    Dance to Learn® Curriculum

    Dance Exploration, LLC is a spearheading Performing Arts Program that advocates performance arts education through imagining, crafting, honing and delivering creative, fun, inspiring and effective curriculum. Our Curriculum follows 5 pillars known as the 5 Methods of Performance Arts Education which pin points the key stages of a child’s development and growth and ensuring a whole-child approach to education through the Performing Arts.

    Key Strategies
    • 5 Methods of Performance Arts Education
    • Creating a “Yes” Environment that encourages learning and growth in all classrooms
    • Developing age appropriate curriculum for each of our 4 Programs – Toddler, Preschool, Elementary School and Middle School
    • Designing a Curriculum that follows conceptual, play-based learning strategies that integrate with our students’ schooling
  • Creating Connections

    Engagement, Education and Enrichment

    Dance Exploration, LLC is a community advocate and leader in increasing Performance Arts awareness through Engagement, Education and Enrichment opportunities. We will celebrate the Performance Arts inside and outside our classrooms. Our staff will occupy select leadership positions in the communities we serve in order to continue the awareness and importance of Performance Arts Education in our children.

    Key Strategies
    • Developing the ‘Dance to Learn® at Home with Me Program’ to improve Family Engagement and continue to educate our families in theimportance of expanding the learning to inside their homes.
    • Strengthening community awareness and education in the importance of Performance Arts programs through community events, performances, and strategic partnerships.
    • Cultivating Community Partnerships with new and renewed Enrichment Programs for schools, recreation and community centers. 
  • Educator Education

    Teacher Training, Evaluation and Prosperity

    Our Teaching staff is our greatest asset and most valuable expense. Providing our teachers with the tools to be successful is a priority. Teaching Staff will be provided Training from within our Dance to Learn® University, will receive feedback and evaluations through regular observations and be provided a road map for future positions and development for prosperity within our organization.

    Key Strategies
    • Developing the ‘Dance to Learn® University’ online training tool to improve classroom management, curriculum development and client relations for our instructors.
    • Scheduling frequent check-ins and observations with teachers to provide constructive feedback for continued growth in teaching and classroom management skills. 
    •  Providing goals and strategies for development and growth within the organization
    • Fostering the teachers of tomorrow with the STEPS program.